This website presents our forecast for the European championship football that is held from Friday 10 June 2016 till Sunday 10 July 2016 in France. Our forecast is based on a statistical simulation of the tournament, which takes a variety of factors into account. These factors include historical match results, the strength of the opponents, and the frequency with which goals were scored and conceded among others. More recent and more important matches also have more impact on the computations than less recent and less important matches.

This website is developed by Anton Dries, Vladimir Dzyuba, Wannes Meert, Toon Van Craenendonck, Jan Van Haaren, and Vincent Vercruyssen. They are researchers at the DTAI Sports Analytics Lab of KU Leuven in Belgium. If you would have any questions or remarks, then please get in touch with us through Twitter, Facebook, or the contact form on this website.